We welcome like-minded individuals who have a passion and strong desire to work towards and ultimately achieve the I AM NEPALI objectives. A thoroughly rewarding position awaits you to share your skill-sets, talents and resources. It will provide you with an opportunity to serve your beloved homeland, where you grew and developed into the person you are today. It is an opportunity to express kindness and generosity, the hallmarks of Nepali culture.

Collaborating with our board of directors will allow you to contribute to a project in your local metropolitan area or the project close to your heart. Your help and guidance will be of great service to the underprivileged people of Nepal, especially those living in remote areas. As a board of director you are also expected to safeguard our mission, ensure the organization’s legal and financial strength and lead fundraising efforts.

As a director you will assume a leadership position within I AM NEPALI. You should be prepared to provide general oversight of the organization when required. You are also expected to meet in person at least monthly and participate in calls and/or email conversations with smaller committees in between.

THREE things you must keep in mind;

  1. Know the Mission (and how it is fulfilled):

We want passionate and dedicated people on our team! It is essential that your personal goals and ideologies are aligned with the I AM NEPALI philosophy. This will ensure that you get the most out of your tenure. Therefore, decide carefully. It is paramount that you to understand and fully grasp the I AM NEPALImission.

2. Know the Finances:

It is not essential to have experience in finance to join our team. A general understanding is however desirable. We encourage you to read our “Give or Get”policy. As a board of director you are expected to assist in promoting the organization and facilitate fundraising activities. Adopting our ‘Very Little’ approach is imperative because a ‘little’ can go a ‘long’ way.

3. Know the People:

As a leader within I AM NEPALI you may be faced with some challenging opportunities by having to make difficult decisions. If you are willing to grow both personally and professionally then this position is for you. You are expected to have ongoing conversations with various people associated with the organization – donors, fellow board members/colleagues, project partners, key stakeholders and others. Building and nurturing strong relationships will ensure that we have a dedicated team of professionals driving our organisation in a positive and progressive manner.