We All Need Help

One evening A man was going back from a supermarket. He saw a nice lady and decided to approached her.  The women noticed that the person came and stood beside her. He was the one that could be considered as a bum. It seemed that he had no car, no home and no job. The women expected that he will ask her for money, but he did not do that, he only said: “Your hair is very nice”.

After several moments of silence the women has replied: “Thanks“, and then the inner voice told her: “Ask him if he needs any help“. After a short hesitation the women asked him,  do you need any help gentlemen?.  The responses was astonishing. The man simply said “Don‘t we all?”

This was a true discovery to the women. “I needed help.” Although she had money and a place to sleep, but She recognized that she needed help too. Then she opened  her wallet and gave some money to get a meal and some shelter for a day.

Suddenly the women understood that no matter how much money, achievements, luxury things do we have, we all need help. And on the other hand, no matter how poor you are, how many material problems you have, you still might offer your help to others, you still might be giving, and it can be priceless to other person.

Maybe that man was just a homeless stranger, but to the women he was more than that. Maybe he was sent by the Highest Loving Power personally to her, to open her eyes, to show her that there is one thing, among all other values and achievements, which is very important and irreplaceable for each and every person. Actually, it is a true gift and it is called Giving.